I found working in a circle quite challenging and interesting.  I must make a point to look at Sargent’s rotunda murals both at the MFA and the Boston Public Library.  For some reason there is a sentimental aspect that comes through in a circle.  I will have to explore the reasons for this.

In dividing up the circular picture plane I choose to divide it in to quarters and think of it as three sections in relation to one.  I found that I wrestled with


the perspective a good bit.  And I need to process the building on the left a little more.  The debate I have with myself is to distort the image in the round, into a fish eye or organize it as if I am viewing it on a flat plane.

So much to learn from such a simple idea.  I first do thumb nails, sketches in the round, a value study, sketch on the canvas and then paint into it.  I will rethink some of the drawing and put this up on my next blog.  I would like to solve the problems.  Working in a target it is hard to get flow and movement in the painting.